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We are a technological SME, our business is the manufacture of custom polyurethane products.

We manufacture products with high technical requirements for the medical, aeronautical and habitat sectors. We make products for biological analysis, bank tellers, tickering machines and lighting.

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I + D.

We are recognized by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. We invest more than 10% of our turnover to R&D.

Thanks to our research projects we have developed Bi Density and Arcesso Solid.

Bi Density

New expanded polyurethanes with two clearly differentiated densities in the same piece. A high or compact density with a thickness of 2 to 5 m/m on the outside and a medium or low density, from 200 to 800 Gr/cm3, as appropriate, in its core.

Due to this feature the piece has a sandwich structure, which gives it much improved physical properties, especially in terms of breaking strength and temperature resistance.

The Bi-density is obtained in a single injection phase, which allows a highly productive optimization unlike other systems where two injections are applied, two pieces or different materials that are then assembled.

Arcesso Solid

It is a material defined as Solid Surface, i.e. composed of a polymeric matrix, pigments and loads, which is processed into molded products. The material has the same composition throughout the outer layer of the molded product, achieving a homogeneous package. They can be repaired by simple sanding while maintaining their original condition.

Our Solid Surface with a Polyurethane and ISO Aliphatic polymeric base, are products that do not require any coating to be UV resistant. With the addition of mineral or organic additives, like the conventional Solid Surface, superior characteristics are obtained. Furthermore, with the developed bi-density technology, a drastic reduction in weight is achieved.

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